In addition to our CSA we sell a wide variety of seasonal produce, eggs and chickens.  If you want to know what is available take a look at our ad on Craigslist Milwaukee or use the Contact page here.

Direct Farm Sales –  Please call ahead for price and availability.  On selected weekends during peak harvest times, we will have a farm stand operating at the farm that you can drive to and make purchases.

Eggs – We have chemical and hormone free brown eggs from our free range chicken flock.  Direct egg sales from the farm are available year round.  Call ahead for availability, price and pick-up times.

Chickens – From time to time we will raise a flock of chickens for meat.  We have had very good success with a variety called Rock Cornish Cross that we get from Sunnyside Hatchery in Watertown, Wi.  Rock Cornish Cross are a plump, meaty bird with a large, broad breast.  The average weight is about 5 pounds.  These birds are raised in small flocks and have proven very popular with our customers.  Pre-ordering your birds is recommended.

Pick Your Own Pumpkins – One of our goals is to offer you the opportunity to visit a farm and select a pumpkin for Halloween or your fall cooking needs.  No corn maze, haunted house or anything like that, just a pleasant walk  in the field.  This a family experience, we aren’t set up for large groups.  Pumpkins are generally available starting in early September.  We grow several types of pumpkins, so there is an assortment of sizes and shapes.

Wholesale – We focus on production for or CSA program and market stand.   We can grow a crop especially for you.  Custom growing has to start early enough in the season for the crop to mature.  If you are interested in purchasing a large quantity please contact us.


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  1. chris koralewski says:

    I sent my daughter and her friend out to pick up some pumpkins. Alyssa and her friend were treated to all the fixings of a pumpkin patch and they loved the history of the goose vs chicken egg. Thank you once again for taking care of my daughter.

    Chris Koralewski

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