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Meat Chickens Available

We have recently processed another small flock of meat chickens and have some birds left for sale. These are pastured, free range birds, raised in our orchard. They are professionally processed at Quality Cut Meats in Cascade and then frozen. … Continue reading

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Chicken Update

We started a couple of dozen additional layers last fall. This is what they looked like. When chickens are about 20 weeks old they start laying eggs.  The newest chickens are now 23 weeks old.  Most of them are laying … Continue reading

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Pullet Eggs

If you get your eggs from the grocery store, these are something that you have probably never seen.  Stores like to sell the largest eggs, but eggs come in a variety of sizes.   Pullets (chickens less than a year old) … Continue reading

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Chickens Are Omnivores

I was in the barnyard when I noticed the buff hen was going after something. She was working hard at pecking it, which caught my attention. I thought at first that it was a scrap of cloth or something like that. I got closer and saw that it was a small frog! She was playing with the frog like a cat plays with a mouse. Continue reading

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The New Flock

We have been joined by 35 (now 33) baby chicks. The chicks were obtained from Sunnyside Hatchery in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.  Sunnyside is well know as a producer of quality poultry. The birds are almost a week old and have … Continue reading

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