About Our Farm

Noel Farms started in the fall 2000 when we contacted a forester about managing our wood lot in Dunbar, Wisconsin.  Initially, we were only interested in encouraging the growth of desirable species of trees and getting some firewood.  Christmas tree production was something of an afterthought.  We learned that we could “manage what we had”, meaning that we already had thousands of naturally occurring seedlings.  We started by selecting the best of these naturally planted trees and grooming them to produce some of the finest naturally grown trees from Northern Wisconsin.

In 2007 we decided to supplement the natural trees with some Frasier firs.Christmas trees are fun but we were looking for a way to address our interest in a more diverse farming operation.

December 2007 ended with Noel Farms acquiring an 80 acre farm in Southeastern Wisconsin, near the town of Fredonia.The farm had been continuously owned by one family for over 100 years.  We purchased it just as it was about to broken into smaller lots.  Our intention is to restore the farm house, barn and 1880’s log cabin.

Our 1880's farrm house.

Our brick farm house, built around 1880.

Our Mission Statement:Noel Farms, LLC,  is committed to providing healthful, locally grown produce using the practices of sustainable agriculture, and is dedicated  to preserving the traditions of small-scale farming and the rural life within the Southeastern Wisconsin area.

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