We’re Back !

Noel Farm’s website has been dormant for about a year as we have undergone some changes. But, we are back now. We took a hiatus from providing CSAs during the current (2014) summer because of plans to do some traveling and the need to do some farm repairs. But, we are still available to provide bulk vegetables and eggs on a first come, first serve basis. And, we have a batch of meat chickens that will be ready for pickup in early September 2014. So, if you are interested in placing an order for free-range chickens, contact us.

It has been a very cool summer, preceded by a very cold and wet spring. So, things are behind schedule. Tomatoes are just beginning to ripen and bulk tomatoes won’t be ready for canning for several weeks yet. The bulk of them will probably be available starting around Labor Day.

Ready now are cucumbers, assorted summer squash, kale, lettuce, eggplant, herbs (especially basil), green and purple snap beans, and acorn squash. Last winter’s very harsh conditions yielded a silver lining– it killed off many insects, including squash bugs. So, this Fall promises to provide plentiful amounts of butternut, buttercup, Delicata, and spaghetti winter squashes. The Brussel Sprouts also look good and should be ready in early October, along with white cabbages suitable for making kraut.

Contact us for prices and availability

Patrick and Deborah

Spring 2014 Noel Farms Barn Repairs

Spring 2014 Noel Farms Barn Repairs

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