Summer is Here – Sort Of

Well, it’s mid-March and the temperature is 82 degrees today.  This unusually nice weather started at the end of February and doesn’t show any signs of stopping.  If you remember last year at this time we still had snow and seasonably cold weather.  The cold and wet persisted into the spring, delaying the start of the CSA season by a couple of weeks.

Things are definitely getting green.  Some of the trees are starting to leaf out, the grass is greening up and the garlic shoots have been visible for about a week.  The Rhubarb plants are just starting to poke up through the soil.  I expect that they will be ready for cutting in about a week or so.  This is actually one of the potential problems that comes from this unusually warm weather.  The early plants get going so early that they get out of sync with the rest of the garden.  By the time the CSA season starts the rhubarb will done 🙁

Rhubarb plants just coming out of the ground

Rhubarb plants just poking through the mulch.

The chives are also coming up.  Fortunately they will produce through the middle of the summer.

Chive plants in early spring

A row of chive plants in early spring

I’ve also done the first tilling of the garden.  This helps to chop up the left over bits that have been weathering on top of the soil all winter.  It doesn’t look like much now, all brown and barren, but that will change soon enough.

Freshly tilled large garden in march 2012

Garden after the first tilling in mid-March.

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