Nesting Goose

The very fine spring weather has gotten the geese interested in increasing their numbers.  Our geese don’t usually start laying until later in the year, but not this year.  They started dropping eggs at the end of February.  When the weather started getting really warm I started leaving the eggs out.  The mother goose now has a dozen eggs in the nest.

She decided to make a nest for herself in the barnyard.  The nest is up against the barn foundation.  It is on the ground under the middle window in the picture.

Goose nest hidden in the barnyard.

Can you spot the nest in the photo?

The next picture shows the mother goose on the nest.  If you look closely you can see her behind the fence.

Mother goose sitting on her eggs.

Mother goose keeping her eggs warm.

Goose eggs take quite a while to hatch. It will probably another 3 weeks or more.  If this hatch works out I will have some pictures of the goslings.


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