Eggs For Breakfast

The pullets are now starting to lay regularly.  There are more than enough eggs for our own use but not quite enough to put the “Eggs For Sale” sign at the end of the driveway.  We have the farmer’s dilemma of harvest abundance – what to do with the bounty of the farm?  After all, you can only eat fried, scrambled and the occasional omelet so many times before eggs no longer sound attractive.

However, I am blessed with the company of a “chef de cuisine” on our humble farm.  Deborah is well known for her creative and innovative use of local ingredients.  Here is something she created for Sunday breakfast.


Spicy Egg and Cornbread Bake

Spicy Egg and Cornbread Bake in a cast iron skillet, fresh from the oven.

Deborah’s Spicy Corn Bread Egg Bake

A spicy and hearty combination of eggs and chili nestled in a bed of moist, tender corn bread.


Corn Bread:

1 cup all purpose unbleached or whole wheat flour

2/3 cup corn meal

1 tsp Kosher or sea salt

1 tsp baking powder

1 Tbs raw cane sugar

¾ cup milk

2 Tbs vegetable oil

1 egg (2 if small)

Mix dry ingredients and set aside.  Combine milk, oil and egg in a bowl.  Lightly beat the egg and set aside.


6 Eggs

1 ½ cup prepared chili

2 Tbs chopped green chili or jalapeños

½ cup chopped tomatoes or prepared salsa (use salsa if fresh tomatoes not in season)

½ cup finely diced processed American cheese or shredded jack or cheddar cheese

Salt and pepper to taste


Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.  Film the bottom of a well seasoned 10” cast iron skillet with 2 tsp of vegetable oil.  Place skillet in preheated oven and allow to heat until oil is almost smoking hot.  Remove preheated skillet from oven. Mix wet corn bread ingredients with the dry ingredients.

Work quickly so that the skillet doesn’t cool off too much.  Pour corn bread batter into skillet.  Spread the batter in the skillet, leaving a slight depression in the center for the filling.  Pour chili onto batter and spread evenly.  Sprinkle salsa and jalapenos onto chili.

Carefully break 6 large farm fresh eggs onto the surface of the filling, spacing them evenly around the pan.  Be careful so that the yolks don’t break.  Top with cheese.  Sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste.

Return to hot oven.  Bake for 20 minutes. If desired, finish under the broiler for 30 seconds or so to brown the top.

Remove from oven and allow pan to set for 5 to10 minutes before serving.  Cut into 6 serving sized wedges.  Each piece should have one unbroken egg yolk on top.  Top with salsa or sour cream.

Note: 20 minutes in our oven will produce “medium” eggs, (whites set, yolks still soft but not runny).  Your oven is probably different.  Adjust cooking time to control the doneness of the eggs to suit your preferences.  If you don’t have a cast iron skillet, use an oven-proof, heavy 10 inch baking pan.

If you enjoyed this recipe please let us know.  If you pass it on, please give us credit and a link back to our site.

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