Pullet Eggs

If you get your eggs from the grocery store, these are something that you have probably never seen.  Stores like to sell the largest eggs, but eggs come in a variety of sizes.   Pullets (chickens less than a year old) start out with a small egg and work their way up to the larger sizes.

Pullet eggs and reular eggs.

Pullet egg next to a large egg.

Pullet eggs are about 1/2 to 3/4 the size of the egg laid by an older chicken. Some people prefer them, saying that they have a richer taste.  Some chefs also prefer them for baking for the same reason.

Holding a pullet egg next to a large egg.

Holding a pullet egg next to a large egg.

Our newest chickens are new almost 20 weeks old and should start laying more eggs as the days get longer.  If you want to try some pullet eggs, get your order in soon.  This stage doesn’t last long and then the eggs will be the usual size.

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