Sunday Morning Coming Down

First of all, listen to this song.
Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, I can get to the main point of this post. Have you ever awoken to realize that you maybe don’t feel as well as you had hoped? Perhaps this condition was brought on by certain excesses the night before. One thing is clear: it is going to be a rough morning. Most of us have had a hangover or two in our day, and they are no fun. To be sure, they are probably well deserved considering the amount of damage a heavy night of drinking can wreak on a body. Many people have proposed various hangover cures throughout the years: sleep, water, heavy food, no food, tylenol/advil/pepto-bismol….
The hints abound. However, my favorite hangover cure is and always will be the classic “hair of the dog that bit you.” In the form of a Bloody Mary. A Noel Farms Bloody Mary. Extra Spicy.
This drink has everything! Vitamins! Minerals! Electrolytes! Flavor! So, once you’re feeling well enough to get out of the fetal position in your bed, stumble into the kitchen and combine the following:
*8 oz. Noel Farms tomato juice
*1.5 oz vodka of your choice
*1 tsp Worcestershire sauce
*a generous amount of black pepper
*a pinch of salt
*a dash of hot sauce (I prefer Sriracha over the more traditional Tabasco)
*a splash juice from a jar of Noel Farms pickled jalapeno peppers
Shake mixture with ice in a martini shaker. Pour this well-blended drink into a glass. Now, you must create a garnish. I enjoy a garnish that contains a mixture of Noel Farms’ pickled jalapenos, Noel Farms’ pickles, and Noel Farms’ pickled beets. I like to use both sweet and dill pickles too. Then, to top it off, I add a couple of slices of pepperoni. Noel Farms doesn’t make pepperoni (yet) so I just use whatever I happen to have on hand. I sometimes like to add a hard-boiled egg to the garnish for dramatic effect. I would use a Noel Farms egg to be sure! Then, just slide all the items onto a wooden skewer and present it with the drink.
I should add you don’t really need to use all Noel Farms items to make this Bloody Mary recipe (but you should). However, I strongly recommend that you at least use Noel Farms tomato juice, because it really makes this drink special. If you use a commercially prepared tomato juice, I recommend omitting the salt. Another thing I love about this  Bloody Mary is that it is not served over ice. Mixing it in a martini shaker is the best way to go. When tomato juice is served over ice, it gets watered down and it isn’t as spicy! Feel free to adjust the spice level to your individual preference. This drink may be a bit hot for people who don’t like spiciness, however, I for one love spicy food!

After completing the Stony Hill Pub Atomic Wings Challenge! Only the 2nd ever lady to do it! I like my food spicy!

You can also omit the vodka and make this delicious drink as a Virgin Mary also. Hope your head feels better soon! 😉
Disclaimer: Noel Farms does not endorse or condone heavy drinking or irresponsible behavior in any way. Think before you drink!
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