Make Way For Goslings

We get many requests for eggs and chickens. We had planned to start with chickens, but also got some geese in the bargain.

Chickens need a secure place to live. We moved a chicken coop to our place from a neighbor’s house.

Moving the chicken coop

Moving the chicken coop

The coop was designed and built by our neighbor, Roger.  We dragged the coop down the road from Roger’s house. I’m sure we made quite a site dragging this building down the county road!

Along with the coop, we got some chickens and geese.  The geese are a variety called Toulouse. These are large birds, with the adults weighing 25 to 30 pounds.  They are named from the region of France where they originated.  The breed was refined to reach its large size in England in the late 1800’s.  These birds are probably best known as a source of foie gras.The flock includes a mated pair that has produced 5 goslings.  Geese mate for life and we are hoping for more goslings in the future.

Geese in the barnyard

Geese and Goslings

The chickens continued to produce eggs during the move.  Almost as soon as the coop was in place, the buff chicken climbed into the nesting box and laid an egg.  The black chicken took a day off from laying.  After a couple of days, everyone was back on schedule.

Buff Colored Hen

Buff Colored Hen

Black hen in the garden

Black hen scratching for bugs in the garden.

The chickens and geese settled in very quickly.  Within a couple of days there were right at home.

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